What I do and why?

Heartbeat Handicrafts was born in 2015 when I was living in regional South Australia.

As a way to unwind from a high-pressure occupational therapy role in mental health, I would immerse myself into craft in the evenings and on the weekend. 

Being creative has always been a big part of my down time and I’m lucky enough to have had the backing of my wonderful customers to grow Heartbeat Handicrafts into my main employment. Working from home with Heartbeat Handicrafts has enabled me to spend as much time as possible with my son Hugh and now newborn twins.

After experimenting with a few different mediums in the early days, I found my true passion in polymer clay and more specifically sculpting pets from polymer clay. As my skills developed and I added acrylic paints, I found the outcome of the pet creations increasingly lifelike. 

My favourite part of business is hearing the stories of the beloved pets behind my creations and the reaction when they are gifted or received (never could I have imagined being the cause of so many tears). Pets are such an important part of so many lives and being able to sculpt a cherished momento with my own hands is so fulfilling. I feel pride in being able to design and craft the perfect gift for customers to help ease the pain of a loved one grieving the loss of a pet. I also love to share in the joy of creating a pet wedding cake topper or cufflinks to feature on such a special occasion.


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More about me


Since Heartbeat Handicrafts began, I have also spent time in rural Queensland, East Gippsland in Victoria, and now call Adelaide home.


My support team at home include my husband Liam, my toddler Hugh, twins Lyla and Jack, plus our loveable Labrador Bailey.


In my spare time (haha), I also enjoy renovating, baking and gardening. I’m definitely a home body, but also love to travel and explore.


I’m passionate about Australian small businesses (especially those owned by amazing women), so source my supplies locally whenever possible and love to collaborate with other creatives.